Aber Doktor (Oldrich Lipský, East Germany, 1980)

As far as I know this film has never been broadcast on British TV, but I well remember an extract being shown on one of those prurient and popular Tarrant on TV style clip shows. It certainly made an impression and I was glad to eventually track the whole film down.

It’s a made-for-TV feature film, in a series roughly equivalent to the British Carry Ons. So you could translate the title as Carry on Doctor, or rather Dentist, for such is the profession of leading dragon lady Agnes Kraus.


The plump young lady dashing around kicking out of bed the slim young gentleman who is not her husband is called Ursula Staack. Despite watching a lot of East German films I’ve never seen her doing anything like this before. She usually plays the dumpy overlooked secretary types. Literally overlooked as she’s so petite her eyes barely make it into the frame in the group shots.

This scene is a beautifully done piece of bedroom farce, with lots of mirror shots to keep the viewer on his toes. Ursula doesn’t have time to button up her pyjama jacket, and freeze frames confirm that really is all she has on. This is an extended edit, where we get to see the fate of the unlucky lad who jumped out of the window on to the removal van in only his Y-fronts. Yes the elastic does turn out to be faulty. And yes there are nuns involved somewhere along the line. The whole film was on YouTube the last time I looked, and the stills are taken from that version, rather than from the clip below which is low resolution but easy to edit.

Clip: Ursula-Staack-naked–Aber-Doktor-a.avi (31MB)

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