El dirigible (Pablo Dotta, Uruguay, 1994)

A somewhat grotesque comic fantasy, The Airship was the first film to be produced in Uruguay (apparently). Some money from Channel 4 went into it, and it duly turned up on our screens late one night. I can’t remember the year. It’s of quite late date to have captured my interest, cinema having finished the process of going horribly wrong in some indefinable way sometime around about 1985-ish.

Laura Schneider in the lead casts quite a spell, with a sultry sexuality she affects not to be aware of. Take the fun and games in the souvenir kiosk for instance – photocopying her bare backside in front of witnesses. It’s one way to shame a couple of drunks I suppose.


Clip #1: Laura-Schneider-photocopy–El-dirigible-a.avi (29MB)

In the second clip you can see her taking a shower in strange circumstances. The conceit here is that this is taking place in the gondola of an airship which happened to be passing over the city of Montevideo when a historically notable photograph was taken. Which is not an explanation at all come to think of it.


Clip #2: Laura-Schneider-shower–El-dirigible-b.avi (32MB)

There’s another related scene towards the end. All in all, an enjoyable film of the sort much missed nowadays, a little pretentious and crude maybe, but with a sense of humour, and sometimes a poetic sense as well.


Clip #3: Laura-Schneider-sex–El-dirigible-c.avi (43MB)

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