The House of the Yellow Carpet (Carlo Lizzani, Italy, 1983)

This is a remarkable Italian thriller (originally La casa del tappeto giallo), in the sadistic, paranoid, voyeuristic, and over-sexed genre called the giallo. There’s even a hint to the genre in the title (giallo simply means yellow), but it’s hardly a typical example, being small scale, claustrophobic, and obviously based on a stage play.

I first saw it broadcast one night on ITV, dubbed as is usual for that channel, and it was a delightful surprise. I’m not going to spoil things by going into details about the plot, except for the bare outline. Fragile and pretty Young Wife (Beatrice Romand) has to deal with callers interested in the carpet for sale (menacingly over-large for the tiny flat) referenced in the title. While not yet fully dressed. And while Young Husband is out at work…

The clip here is from the prelude. One night Beatrice, in her flimsy white nightie, after patching up hubby who’s cut his foot (she warned him the fool), launches into a giggly round of dancing and flashing and more. Strong stuff for the light channel…

Clip:  Beatrice-Romand-naked–House-of-the-Yellow-Carpet-a.avi (23MB)

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